The Many Benefits of Flying Private

Over the past few years, the overall quality and customer satisfaction of commercial airlines has decreased. Furthermore, the substantial amount of negative press concerning experiences from lost luggage to rude attendants is bound to make for an unpleasant flying expereince that is anything but relaxing.

So how can you avoid the potential hassle commercial airlines can bring? Consider flying private- If you have the means to fly privately, you’ll be able to control the variable factors: time, comfort, flexibility and privacy regulated by commercial airlines.

When traveling privately, your time becomes much more valuable. You don’t have to travel out of large commercial airports and can instead fly out of smaller regional airports. Smaller regional airports save you ample time in not having to wait for your scheduled departure time or having to deal with lengthy security lines. Instead, you decide when you want to leave and show up when you are ready to leave. When flying private, you also have the opportuinty to choose your own aircraft, which means you decide what cabin comforts you need for your flight. flying private

Flying private it is what it sounds like–private. You are the only person on board along with the people whom you decide to bring. Most aircraft are large enough to hold meetings and with technological advances many give you option to connect to the internet and telephone services. If you decide you don’t want to work and instead just want to relax, there are plenty of onboard options for entertainment, which may include television and satellite radio. However, if none of that appeals to you, you can stretch out and have some quiet time while you enjoy the convenience of private travel.

flying private2

Before landing at your intended destination, the flight crew will call ahead and let your ground transportation know when you have arrived so your vehicle is  ready when you are. This again saves you time on the ground and makes for a more productive use of your time. With all the time that is saved you can make multiple meetings in one day and be home for dinner later that night.

Overall, private jet travel may be considered a luxury to many but it also has many unforeseen benefits that can help make you more productive and efficient. For more information or if you would like to receive a guaranteed and competitive price quote on your next trip, call or email us at: or 877-537-5387.